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What is an environment ?

An environment allows you to define a specific feature flag's state, without modifying the default one. You need to provide 1 basic information:

  • A name: This is a unique value.

When to use environments

Sometimes, when you work your company has multiple environments (local, uat, production, etc...), you might want to have different flag state for the same feature. Let's say you have a feature called cart_revamp that is active by default, but for a specific reason you want it to be inactive only in production. To do so, in Flaghub, you will create an environnement called production, and create an overwrite from the cart_revamp feature details view and deactivate it. This way, your default state will be active but for production, the state will be inactive.

You can find more information about overwrites here

How to create an environment

create enviroment